Have a Voice

Restorative justice gives you the chance to ask questions, offer explanations and share personal views and feelings about what happened in a safe and respectful environment

Move On

Restorative justice has been described by participants as a turning point in their life, after which they were able to move forward in a more positive way

Getting Better

Restorative justice will not solve everything and will not change things to how they were before, but it will offer you the opportunity to get better

Benefits of Restorative Justice

Since it emerged as an alternative way of delivering justice, restorative processes have proven to have various benefits to people who volunteer to take part in them, including their families…Continue readingBenefits of Restorative Justice

Accessing Restorative Justice

Given that restorative justice is a voluntary process, it can only take place when people feel ready and wish to have a conversation about what happened and how they have…Continue readingAccessing Restorative Justice

Frequently Asked Questions

Restorative justice may be something new for many people, or they will hear about it for the first time after a crime has been perpetrated and the police gets in…Continue readingFrequently Asked Questions

Knowledge Hub

The East Midlands Restorative Justice Knowledge Hub aims to become an open space to discuss specific issues that concern the provision of restorative justice services in the region and make recommendations that can contribute to the development of good practice