Leicester City Children and Young People’s Justice Service

Leicester Young People's Justice Services
Adrian Giles
0116 4544600
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 08:30 – 17:00
Service Description

Victims of crime can experience many different feelings including feeling angry, frightened and insecure. Some people have found involvement in the process of restorative justice can help them come to terms with the effects of crime and help them move on in life. At Leicester City Council Children and Young People’s Justice Service we offer victims:
• An opportunity for their views and feelings to be voiced
• Non-judgemental support and advice
• Unbiased information about the restorative process
• Referral to other agencies that could offer more long-term specialist support

Some young people are asked to attend a community panel and victims can attend these and speak to the panel or speak with the young person responsible for the crime, this will be with support of the Victim Liaison Officer. Our Victim Liaison Officer can also visit people at home and pass their views on to the young person and the panel.

A young person who has committed a crime might also be asked to do Reparation; unpaid work which should benefit either the victim of the crime directly or their community. Reparation can include a sincere letter of explanation from the young person delivered by the Victim Liaison Officer.