Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions for becoming a member of the East Midlands Restorative Justice Directory (hereon referred to as the Directory) hosted on www.emrjdirectory.uk (hereon referred to as the Website).

About the Directory

The Directory is an initiative of the East Midlands Restorative Justice Forum (hereon referred to as the Forum) and was developed in order to contribute towards addressing the general need of people affected by crime and conflict for relevant and tailored information about local restorative justice services.

There are multiple benefits of having a local directory of restorative justice services, such as the possibility of offering a platform to people affected by crime and conflict where they can access information about services available in their area, as well as supporting local restorative justice service providers by increasing their visibility.

The development of the Website was done by De Montfort University under the Higher Education Innovation Funding scheme and with support from Forum members. De Montfort University has agreed to offer continued support for the maintenance of the Website.

Directory Membership

Restorative justice service providers that operate in the East Midlands region can opt to be added to the Directory for free. Requests for membership are received through the completion of the form found on the Membership page of the Website.

By completing the membership form, the restorative justice service provider wishing to become a member of the Directory will automatically confirm compliance with the following:

  • The person completing the form is authorised to make the membership request on behalf of the service;
  • All information in this Terms & Conditions is read and agreed with by the service;
  • All information provided in the membership form is correct and up to date at the time of completion;
  • When there are changes to the information provided, the service agrees to complete a new membership form as soon as possible in order to provide the updated information;

Restorative justice service providers that requested to be added to the Directory can also opt to be removed from the Directory at any time and for free by sending an email to info@emrjdirectory.uk.